Trial Bits

Trial Bits

Purchasing a high quality bit requires the best educated decision possible; as it is an investment that will often last a lifetime. Our trial bit service is offered to those that would like to try a mouthpiece before purchasing, to ensure they are comfortable with the function in relation to their riding style. We welcome you to try up to three bits for two week. We try to offer most combinations; however, because of the large number of possible combinations, you may have to try a bit with a similar shank to the one requested. The only out of pocket expense for you are the shipping costs.  

There are multiple resources on our website to help you select a mouthpiece and shank combination you would like to try:

- Our blog.

- The online catalog.

- The bit creator.

- Sample buy-it-now-options.

- Endorsements.


When you are ready to request your trial bits please give us a call or message us with the desired mouthpiece and shank combinations. We look forward to getting you into the right bit for you and your horse.


Request your trial bits today! 

Give us a call 307.672.8459 or,

send us a message CLICK HERE.


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