Patriotic Bucking Horse Stickers

Patriotic Bucking Horse Stickers

Patriotic Bucking Horse Stickers


We received your feed back on this post. Thank you! However we still need you to email us your mailing address so we can send stickers your way. Thank you Jessica for  email. Your stickers are on their way!

2012 11 29 Bucking Horse Sticker bucking horse pin back 2

Be one of the first 10 people within the US to send a comment below to receive a pack of 10 stickers to pass out to friends and family. Once you have commented below please email us your mailing address at Please title the email "sticker address".

A little history on the Wyoming Bucking Horse taken from the Wyoming Executive Department Cheyenne: This first know use of the bucking horse as an insignia was worn by members of the Wyoming Nation Guard in France and Germany during WWI. The original design was created by ISG George N. Ostrom of the E Battery, 3rd Battalion, 148th Field Artillery Regiment, & AEF. The insignia was officially adopted by the US Army and was used as a means of identification on gun trails, trucks, helmets, and other equipment. It has been extensively used by Wyoming units during out of Stat and overseas duty including Korea and Vietnam. Since it has been a rallying point, symbol of pride and reminder of home to our troops it is now dedicated to all veterans of the State.

We look forward to sending out the sticker packets to our winners!

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