What Sets Us Apart - Tom Balding Bits and Spurs

Tom Balding Bits & Spurs: Elevating Standards in the 21st Century

Since our establishment in 1984, Tom Balding Bits & Spurs has continuously embraced our core values, which now hold even greater significance in the 21st century. Our commitment to the business, our customers, employees, and the community drives us forward with passion and purpose.

Modernized Core Values:


  1. Excellence and Pride: We strive for unparalleled quality in everything we do, taking immense pride in our craftsmanship, design, and materials. With a focus on innovation and staying ahead of the curve, we set new standards in our industry.


  1. Care and Respect: We foster a culture of care and respect, not only among our team members but also within the broader community. We recognize the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and sustainable practices to create a positive impact on society.



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Leading the Industry:

As leaders in the field, we are dedicated to crafting cutting-edge bit and spur designs that embody the latest technology and advancements. By collaborating directly with world-class professional riders and trainers, we ensure our products meet the evolving needs of riders, offering enhanced performance, responsiveness, and longevity.

Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction:

We understand that investing in our products is a significant decision.

That's why we provide a trial bit service, allowing customers to experience our quality before making a purchase. Our top priority is your satisfaction, and if, for any reason, you are not pleased with the craftsmanship of our product, simply reach out to us, and we will make it right.


21st Century Warranty:

Tom Balding Bits & Spurs stands behind the quality of our products. Our warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, demonstrating our confidence in the durability and reliability of our offerings. Please note that the warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear or issues related to rust.

Embracing the essence of our legacy while meeting the demands of the 21st century, Tom Balding Bits & Spurs continues to elevate standards in the equestrian industry. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we redefine excellence in riding equipment for a new era.