Please take a moment to hear from the professional riders who endorse our products. Their feedback on ways to improve the product before it is released to the public is an integral part of our product development. Our products are tested by the best and that is part of what sets us separates from the competition.

"Tom's new Cathedral Port is accepted by a wide variety of horses in my barn. It's smoothness and effectiveness was a great addition to the tack room."

~Zane Davis 2009 NRCHA SNaffle Bit Champion

"I use Tom Balding bits and spurs every day for my training. They have the best feel and quality. With a great look, they always stand out in the show pen."

~Andrea Fappani

"I love my Tuxedo spurs. I've had them for years and they still look great. They have a great feel, are the strongest on the market, and they look cool!"

~Andrea Fappani

"The new Steamboat shank with Klapper mouthpiece is made with impeccable workmanship, easily accepted and offers tremendous feel."

~Phil Rapp

“The Sierra Correction is my favorite transitional bit. It offers a soft lateral flection that I desire for my younger horses.”

~Andrea Fappani
2011 NRHA Open Futurity Champion

"The NEW Mustang shank with Ace of Spades mouthpiece is my choice for my older finished horses."
~Shawn Flarida
NRHA 4 Million Dollar Rider

"All my horses readily accept the new Catalina mouthpiece making this one of my favorites. The size and taper of the bars combined with the angle and curve of the port help me gain body control without fear. This is definitely a must have show bit!"
~Robbie Boyce
Performance Horse Trainer

“The added weight of the Tuxedo Spurs™ make them hang on the boot the way I like. Distinct and eye-catching … definitely my favorite pair of spurs”
~Todd Bergen
3-time NRCHA Futurity Champion
NRHA Futurity and Derby Champion
$1,000,000 NRHA Earner

I’ve used the Tom Balding Switchback with Ace of Spades mouthpiece for at least a year now and have been very pleased with it. I am amazed at the versatility of the bit. I’ve tried it on everything from a seasoned bridle horse to a young horse just coming out of the snaffle bit or bosal with great results. Tom made a believer out of me.
~Nate Wald

"The EASY RIDER is one of my favorite mouthpieces. The large smooth bars provide a lot of feel. This is one of my favorites to show in."
~Ted Robinson
5-time World Champion Snaffle Bit Futurity Winner
2-time World's Greatest Horseman (1999 & 2001)

"The Tom Balding MULLENED CORRECTION on the SWITCHBACK shanks is my favorite bit hanging in the tack room today. It works on a variety of horses. This bit has a lot of feel and style as well."
~Chris Dawson
Horse Trainer

"The Longhorn Ace of Spades is my favorite bit, it's not as severe as it looks. It gives lots of signal without scaring a horse. The curved mouthpiece makes it soft and easy on a horses mouth."
~Andrea Fappani
05' NRHA Futurity Reserve Champion

"The MULLENED LOWRIDER mouthpiece has outstanding feel, works on any of my horses. They stay backed off my hand real nice."
~Kevin Stuart
10-time WNFR Qualifier

“The Liberator™ is my favorite bit. I use it everyday. Great for horses that are strong in the mouth, yet soft enough to use on younger horses.”
~Britt Bockius
11-time NFR Qualifier
2000 NFR Average Champion
1999-2000 BFI Champion

“The West Coast Snaffle™ with Divots and Dots has great feel and weight with a classy look; like a horseman's dress-up snaffle. Most importantly - my horses like it. It's my snaffle of choice.”
~Bob Avila
Multi-event AQHA World Champion
3-time NRCHA Futurity Champion
2000 World's Greatest Horseman

“The Sheridan 7 shank Ace of Spades™ mouth piece has more feel than any bit I've ever used. There's plenty of bite, but the swivel allows a horse to get away from it and doesn't scare them. It has lots of lateral, perfect stability, and is good-looking. Tom builds the most balanced bits in the business and this is my favorite bit I've ever used.”
~Troy Compton
Multiple World and Congress Champion Trainer

“The Sheridan shank Crown Royal™ mouth piece has just the right amount of stopping power and great flex, feel and balance. This is the bit I compete in – it fits my hand and the amount of pressure I ride with.”
~Clay O'Brien Cooper
7-time World Champion Team Roper
20 - NFR Qualifications

“My Tom Balding™ Spurs with the sterling overlay, without a doubt, the most beautiful I have ever seen. However, beauty is not their only attribute. The weight, the way they can fit, and the angle and shape of the shank are a perfect combination for the precision that my work demands.”
~Dick Pieper
NRHA Hall of Fame
NRHA Futurity Champion

“The Sheridan 7 Equalizer with Roller™ hangs real nice in a horse's mouth. When I take hold it doesn't scare or intimidate them. A horse really respects this bit.”
~Craig Schmersal
7 World Championships, AQHA/NRHA/NRCHA
Lifetime Earnings $880,000

"The PORTED CHAIN gives me the right amount of feel and keeps my horse soft. I get more rate faster."
~Shane Schwenke
WNFR Qualifier

“I love the weight and size of the rings of the Tom Balding Polo Gag.
It’s soft with good feel”
~Adam Snow
10-Goal Player

“Tom Balding is an incredible artist and master craftsman. I have enjoyed using my Tom Balding™ bits and spurs. I am honored to have my favorite spurs in his private collection… and just for the record they've never been bucked off.”
~Larry Mahan
2-time NFR World Champion Bull Rider
4-time NFR All-Around Cowboy

“The Boatright Gag™ is great for getting a horse to break at the pole. The leverage point and size of the ball pull the nose down and do a lot of correcting without it really feeling like it. It really gets one to bend and flex … the most forgiving bit I've ever ridden.”
~Bret Boatright
14-time NFR Qualifier
2-time NFR Average Champion

“The Double Cross™ is an excellent transition bit. Really helps to prepare a colt to pack a bridle. Very soft yet makes a colt carry their noses up and down instead of pushing out. Really great for the colts that wants to reach for the bridle a lot. Makes them drop the nose and bridle up.”
~Ted Robinson
5-time World Champion Snaffle Bit Futurity Winner
2-time World's Greatest Horseman (1999 & 2001)

“The Hinge Port Pro™ is one of my favorite bits; it has a little different feel than the hinge port. The Hinge Port Pro™ has more of a delayed feel, and is not as quick as the hinge port.”
~Kevin Stuart
10-time NFR Qualifier

“The craftsmanship and quality Tom Balding™ puts into his bits and spurs is tremendous! I, with great pleasure, use and endorse them.”
~Bob Loomis
6 World Championships
NRHA Hall of Fame
More NRHA Open Futurity Victories than any other rider in the industry

“The Tom Balding™ Don Dodge snaffle is the best D-Ring snaffle I've ever used.”
~Don Dodge --
NRHA Hall of Fame
NCRA Hall of Fame
NCHA Hall of Fame

“Totally amazed at the results I achieved with the Tom Balding™ Hinge Port™ bit.”
~Kenny Clabaugh
7-time NFR Pickup Man

“Tom Balding's House Snaffle™ helps my horses to feel comfortable. Its design allows the bit to fit the angles of the horse's mouth instead of trying to reshape the mouth to fit the bit.”
~Jim House

“I used the Tom Balding™ “S” Shank Hinge Port™ for years. It's a life saver on the corner and gives me the consistent results I need … A super bit.”
~Bobby Harris
1995 World Champion Heeler
11-time NFR Qualifier

“Tom Balding's Ball Spurs™ are great on my young horses because you don't get the ‘startle factor’…no abrasions and mistakes won't cause a wreck.”
~Tom Powers
Triple Challenge Futurities

“The Tom Balding™ Correction has incredible feel…gets respect without fear. It's the bit I show every horse in.”
~Bill Riddle
NCHA Hall of Fame
NCHA 3rd leading All-time money winner

“I love the Equalizer with Roller™ because it gets a hold of a horse without him pushing back at me.”
~Todd Crawford
Reining Cow Horse Trainer

“The Correction Spade™ in the best feeling correction I've ever had.”
~Eduardo Ribeiro
Reining Cow Horse Trainer

“I love the Tom Balding™ Short Shank Snaffle™. I've had it for a long time. Every horse rides in it. Very Well Balanced. I call it 'Old Reliable,' when nothing else is working, this bit does.”
~Brandi Halls
2-time NFR Qualifier

"The Tom Balding™ Flex & Roll™ gives plenty of flex, I am very impressed with the bit."
~Kelly Yates
4-time NFR Qualifier
AQHA Barrel Racing Horse of the Year (2000)
Speedhorse Gold Cup and Super Derby Champion (2000)

“My horses find the Tom Balding Pelham Bit irresistible, their mouths stay moist to keep sensitivity as well as maintaining soft feel.”
~Tommy Wayman

“The Tom Balding Polo Gag is by far the best gag I have ever used. The mouthpiece is the perfect weight, its heavy enough to drop quickly when released. All my horses love this bit.”
~Tommy Wayman