Please take a moment to hear from riders around the world who use our products. Feedback from our clients is very important to us, we welcome your comments and photos.Also check out the feedback from our endorsers

The Ballhing Ringe Snaffle is jut the finest snaffle I've ever used. My hore seems to be real happy with it as it is foamy when I remove it from her mouth and the response I get from her is great. I've never had a bit (even though advertised as such) to create that relaxing salivation.

Laurie Rufe

I have known Tom Balding and his "crew" since he started his shop in Sheridan, Wy. It has always been my pleasure to be able to stop by the store to see the remarkable bits, spurs and artistic creations of Tom Balding's and his engravers. Tom Balding bits & Spurs engage in the very best of business practices. The product quality is superior, the service is wonderful and the horses are happy. I have used Balding Bits for years on youngsters, finished cowhorses and pleasure horses. Stay away from bits that have the "Tom Balding' Look, but not the craftmanship and performance of the real "Tom Balding" bits and spurs.

Elizabeth Hunton

Greetings from Denmark!!! 
Duracell an I have now been working in our new bit for a few months now and I just want to tell you how well we are doing and how much my precious boy enjoys his bit. He works amazingly with the bit, he reaches for the bit himself, when I put on the bridle and so many training difficulties, previously experienced, are gone. Sincerely

Duracell and Charlotte from Denmark

The spurs Tom Balding made for me turned out beautifully.  I couldn't be more pleased.

John Kowlok

We met Tom this past summer. He took us on a tour of this shop, explained the steps involved in making his amazing bits and spurs and answered all of our questions. It was impressive! The next day we went to our nephew's wedding rehearsal dinner at Tom's ranch! Once again, Tom was the amazing host, giving us a tour of his place, explaining the uniqueness of it, sharing his beautiful home and yard. He is not only a high quality bit and spur maker, but we found he's also a gardener, builder, decorator and keeper of the environment! The weekend was topped off with a wedding in Tom's lovely yard! We are owners of several of Tom's bits and spurs will be next on our list...that and maybe another tour of the flower garden! Thank you, Tom!

Sandi Miller LaDuke

Received the bit yesterday, and it is LOVELY as well as smooth as silk. My husband will be thrilled when he receives it on Christmas morning. He has been whining all year about how much better his horse would go if only he had a Balding Catalina ... It will make him so happy to actually now have one! You do make horse people so happy...

Natalie B. Santa Fe, NM

I just wanted to let you know that the bit I recently purchased is absolutely FANTASTIC. What a difference it has made! Thank you and "Merry Christmas" to all of you.

Laura W. Spring Hill, FL

The West Coast Loose Ring Snaffle works as good as it looks. Thanx again for an outstanding piece of gear.


I've been riding one of my horses in the baseline correction bit with the long shank. I love the bit and she seems to, also. She is very feely in it and responds well. A very good bit for her and very well made. It's simple, has great balance, and I'll be proud to show my mare in it.... Now, when my filly is settled and in a bit, I'll go all out for her... :)

Pam J. Columbus, MT

I just had to let you know how much I LOVE my spurs…They look better than I could have even imagined! Thanks so much for all your help-you guys were great to deal with!

Kaitlin A

I love the spurs. My stubborn horse and I went from middle of the pack to first place in a reining competition a couple of weeks ago. A couple of well-placed taps on his side woke him up and turned his attitude around 180 degrees. I wish I had these spurs a year ago! The silver work is lovely, too!

Katie Miller

Thank you so much for shipping my bit in time to go show this weekend! It is awesome!!!

Sincerely, Donna Perry

I love the two Balding ring snaffles I purchased on a trip out west a couple of years ago! Your craftsmanship is superb, and my horses seem to love them too! Thank you

Linda Huffstutler Scottsburg, Indiana

Wow - nice spurs.. nice weight, good fit.. looking forward to using them. Thanks again,

Tony Rockwood Denver, CO

I'm very very happy with all my beautiful new bits.....what a difference! Thank you

Katie Jenkins

We got Dylan's spurs yesterday. They are perfect. Thank you for them, and a great job. I thought they came out looking really good. We gave them to him last night, and he can't wait to show them off. Thanks

Darla Ruppert

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you personally, and everyone at Tom Balding Bits. I just received the beautiful custom bit that I ordered from you on Tuesday. The quality is absolutely outstanding, and the attention to detail is just amazing! Thank you so much for all of your help.

Sincerely, Melanie Ascher

I just received your spurs and they look (as expected) great!!!!!!!!! What do I have to do to take care of them? Oiling? Cleaning? How tough are the silver inlay and initials on the spurs? Can I use the spurs heavily? Good on your colleagues! Great job.

Norbert T. Area Manager

Thank you SO MUCH to Kelli, who helped me with my order. I got the plain snaffle with 8" long shanks in stainless steel, but it was a special order for a 5 1/2" mouth (I have a huge quarter horse, 16.5 hands). I got it in about a week, two weeks earlier than she said. It's exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to try it out at the next show. Thanks!!

Robin Bronston

I just wanted to send an e-mail to say thank you!!!! I received the spurs much sooner than I had thought (which was great because I was counting down the days!). I absolutely love them! Thank you very much for making such wonderful products!!!

Sincerely, Joy J.

Thank you so much for donating the snaffle bit to the YRHA awards banquet auction. The gal who bought it had borrowed one of mine just like it. Her mare had always had trouble packing a snaffle until she used mine. She is thrilled she owns a Balding now. You generous support is what has made this club so successful. We truly appreciate your help. We are all looking forward to the 2006 show season!

Sincerely, Wendy D. Livingston, MT

Congratulate me. I am now the proud owner of my fourth Balding bit purchased through National Roper Supply. I have other bits, but none of them compares with your workmanship. My latest acquisition has the broken mouthpiece with ballhinge short shanks browned and decorated with silver dots.

Sincerely, Jim H. Ellington, MO

Just wanted to send a quick note and say thank you for the beautiful job done on my spurs. They are perfect! Everything is exactly as I wanted. Please thank everyone for me. Thanks again!

Valorie E.

I just wanted to thank you (and everyone else involved with Sean's spurs), they are BEAUTIFUL. He was speechless when he opened them (no small feat - he's a talker). He has since said they are great to ride in. We went to a show this past weekend and his spurs were the envy of all the reiners. Thank you so much.


I purchased one of your loose ring heavy snaffle bits last week and love it.

Marci Cody, WY

We have just received a BEAUTIFUL bit from you, purchased by my wife for my Christmas present (I peeked). WE are very happy with the quality, it looks great.

Dave Ontario, Canada

The double cross bit we ordered is great. Thanks,


I guess by now you've heard that I am the proud owner of the fantastic spurs Tom donated to the NRCHA for the Silent Auction. They are a sight to behold. Thanks a lot.

David C. Burbank, CA

Well, I got the bits yesterday and they are just fantastic. The K2 shank is really neat. Thanks so much again and I look forward to your next new item so I can be the first on my block to have one!,


I got my spurs back yesterday and the guys in the shop did a terrific job. Please thank them for me. I especially like the stamped Tom Balding logo. Again, thank you and all of the folks at Balding.

Carl D.

Thank you so much for your support of the NRCHA and for sponsoring my spurs! You guys are awesome.

Michael G. Ventura, CA