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“Unbelievable craftsmanship. These spurs will be passed on for generations.”

“Tom Balding’s bits are worth the wait. You can’t find this level of quality and beauty anywhere else.”

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How it’s made - spurs

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Endless combinations available. Each item is handcrafted to order. Please call with any questions.

Industry Leader

We work directly with world class professionals. Industry leading technology and innovation.

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Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. We do not warranty normal wear and rust.

Made in USA

All our products are handmade in Sheridan, Wyoming. Though often copied we are never duplicated

What sets us apart

Look for the "Tom Balding" stamp on every bit and spur and be confident it's the mark of an original.

Handcrafted In The US

Industry Leading Technology

Balanced Product

Satisfaction Guarantee


Over 30 Years Experience


We are passionate to do what is best for the business and everyone impacted by the business – our customers, employees and community

At Tom Balding Bits & Spurs, we're dedicated to producing top-tier tack products for casual and competitive riders alike. Our commitment to quality and attention to craftsmanship, design, and materials ensures the highest standard for our products. We value care and respect for one another and our community, embodying integrity in all aspects of our work. We're proud to set the industry standard, reflecting our passion for excellence and serving our community.

About us
Our Team
Tom Balding
Founder, 40 years experience
Justin Massar
Bit Technician, 25 years experience
Kelli Anderson
Office Manager: 26 Years of Experience
Sam Davidson
Technician (Spurs): 33 Years of Experience
Kati Evers
Photography & Marketing : 9 Years of Experience
Ray Frigo
Componet Production: 5 Years of Experience
Hayden Burgess
Technician: 3 Year of Experience