Becoming a college assignment...

Becoming a college assignment...

A student's recently devoted assignment to Tom Balding Bits & Spurs

  Backstory: This student visited the shop and received a personal tour from Tom. Their correspondence read: "Last week I had an assignment for my Technology and Operations Management class where I had to talk about certain value disciplines of a company, particularly customer intimacy. I immediately thought about Tom Balding's Bits & Spurs! I got great feedback from my teacher, and he thought it was a very unique business for me to talk about." Assignment: Choose a company where you are a customer - Briefly explain the product or service they provide you, and assign a value discipline to the firm. Explain why the value discipline you have chosen is appropriate. To support your answer, provide examples and include references from the article to support your claim. "This summer I took a trip to Sheridan, Wyoming, where I got to explore the local business of a man named Tom Balding, who specializes in making handmade, customized bits and spurs from scratch. Tom Balding Bits & Spurs epitomizes customer intimacy. At Tom Balding Bits & Spurs, customers are able to choose what type of bit or spur they would like, which each have a wide variety of customizable options. For example, for just the spurs alone, customers are able to choose what kind of heel band, shank, rowel, finish, and inscription or design they would like, which have numerous possibilities to choose from for each . Customers also provide their shoe size, and foot measurements in order to ensure a perfect fit. Similarly to the spurs, customers can also choose from a variety of different bits such as shank bits, snaffle bits, baseline bits, and mouthpieces, which each have customizable features and inscription options as well. In his workshop, Tom uses leading technology and innovation in order to provide horseback riders with a durable product that offers easy use, quick response, and better movement compared to competing businesses and products in the industry. Tom sets his business apart from the rest by working directly with world class professional riders and trainers to ensure the needs of riders and to deliver quality, handcrafted products, 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Tom is able to ensure this guaranteed satisfaction by offering his customers to try demo products on their horses before they buy the actual customized product. As a result, Tom has established a long term, loyal customer base by addressing their exact needs and wants, and providing excellent customer service in order to guarantee a perfect product for that individual. Today, Tom receives thousands of orders from horsemen and woman around the world, and always seeks their feedback in order to improve his product and satisfaction, demonstrating superior customer intimacy, and ultimately leading this industry."


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